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Specialists in Mens Rings

At BASE Jewellery we stock a wide range of mens rings including titanium rings, tungsten carbide rings and ceramic rings. We cater to clients looking for alternative metals and designs, many of which are used as wedding rings, engagement rings and commitment rings.

Our range is available online.

Titanium Rings

Light, hypoallergenic, forever lasting. Titanium is extremely strong, it will never lose it's shape or change colour over time.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Incredibly hard and scratch resistant. Tungsten carbide is typically used for drilling through rock, it will not scratch, dent or lose its finish.

Zirconia Ceramic Rings

Permanently coloured. Ceramic rings are not made from metal, they are an extremely hard ceramic compound which are permanently coloured and highly scratch resistant.
Mens Rings

STORM London Watches

We stock a select range of STORM watches, many of which aren't normally available within Australia. View the collection here STORM Watches.

STORM watches are different. Founded in 1989 in London, they created a niche market of unique watches that has been growing ever since. STORM has created over 600 styles, only a small number are available at a time as old styles are inevitably discontinued.

They are exclusive, extremely well made and incredibly affordable. All come with a 3 year warranty. We offer free link removal if required. Many of the styles we stock are not officially made available in Australia, we order them specifically from the UK which results in limited stock numbers.
Storm Watches



Titanium Mouse Wheel Mod

Read about how I replaced the scroll wheel in my mouse with titanium.

Melbourne Stockists

We currently have two stockists around Melbourne

Snake in the Grass on Bridge Road in Richmond.
Ironstone on Anderson Street in Yarraville.
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