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The Titanium Mouse Wheel Mod

published 20.09.2012

I have owned a cordless Logitech mouse for years now, and it has been a great device. It featured a weighted scroll wheel that would spin for something like 10 seconds after giving it a flick because it was made from some kind of heavy metal alloy, a really cool feature. It had a strip of rubber down the middle of the metal wheel for grip. Over the many years of use, the rubber had deterioriated and the metal had corroded from the oils in my skin. It was turning green, signifying the presence of copper not unlike the Statue of Liberty.

Rather than running out and buying a new mouse, I stripped it down and removed the wheel to give it a clean. The rubber basically fell apart, so I thought screw it I'm going to change it to titanium. One of the many perks of being in the ring business is access to offcuts of titanium rings. I happened to have an offcut that was the perfect width to fit the wheel, and a slim 1mm in thickness. I ground the existing wheel down enough for the titanium piece to fit snugly over it.

Being titanium, this scroll wheel is going to be around long after I'm gone. It doesn't react with sweat, oil or oxygen. Why didn't Logitech use something longer lasting? Why use an alloy that corrodes upon contact with skin? so you have to go out and buy a new one of course. The satisfaction of not only repairing something but improving it over the original design, no matter how small, is something our consumerist society today is unfortunately missing out on.

I apologise for the dusty photos.